Minimize risk. Maximize liquidity.

National Dental Healthcare REIT partners with dental care providers in the general dental and specialty dental fields who own their real estate. Our ideal properties are market-leading facilities with updated technology while adhering to dental industry best practices and modern clinical theaters. We purchase assets located where demographic trends indicate robust growth in the market and complete fair appraisals on the value of the real estate. The diversity of National Dental Healthcare REIT’s portfolio varies by property type, location, tenants and lease terms. We balance our equity and debt to optimize our cost of capital that fits our long-term investment goals and drives return on your future investment capital.

Steps to Success


REIT acquires properties

REIT acquires the properties and investors exchange their properties for units in the REIT’s operating partnership, debt paydown and/or cash, in a tax-deferred transaction.


REIT manages portfolios

As REIT assumes managerial duties and tasks for properties, you are relieved of that burden along with concern for ancillary costs and expenditures.


REIT collects rents

Collecting rent on any tenants in your dental real estate is now a thing of the past as REIT allows you to enjoy your free time.


REIT pays dividends

By law the REIT shareholders receive 90% of all taxable income from the REIT increasing your liquidity.


REIT initiates exit strategy

The exit strategy consists of liquidating all assets, listing the REIT on a public exchange or selling the REIT outright.

Gain more flexibility for how to invest your money.